Olivetus Taste of Puglia

Best flavours from the South of Italy...

When food meets emotions...from the land of sun we selected for you the most delicate and genuine flavours...enter to discover them!

The "confetti" from Puglia

Confetto is a sugared almond with a very tender heart, made with Apulia’s almonds and the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) hazelnuts from Piemonte, covered with  a fine layer of chocolate. Confetti are part of an old tradition in Puglia, home to a historic factory producing confetti since 1894. This factory is known for having been the supplier of confetti for the royal wedding of Umberto di Savoia II with the princess Maria Jose from Belgium.

We selected for you a number of delicious confetti flavours. You can enjoy them any time of the day. Discover all the different colours and experience a moment of exclusive sweetness.

Capricci di frutta


A mixed collection of the most unusual flavors of the traditional Italian desserts. These confetti will give you a wonderful fresh feeling and fruity fragrances typical of the spring: ricotta and pear, melon, banana, strawberry, babà and tiramisu.

250g plastic bag = 12€

Le delizie


Traditional confetti covered in dark chocolate and with thin layers of sugar. Le "Delizie" offer delicious moments of sweetness to be enjoyed on your own or in company.

250g plastic bag = 12€

Distrazioni al cioccolato 

DSC_2440 (1).png

The most popular confetti of the collection: the crisp flavor of almonds and hazelnuts, both protected by the IGP, dive harmoniously into a voluptuous coverage of milk chocolate, white or dark. They will awake the senses in a delicate embrace of pleasure.

250g plastic bag = 12€

Evasioni spiritose


Delicate milk or dark chocolate containing drops of Rhum Kingston, Grand d'Orange, Amarone grappa, limoncello or coffee. When the liquor's intense flavour and the chocolate's divine taste meet each other they create these delicious and intense confetti.

250g plastic bag = 12€