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Best flavours from the South of Italy...

When food meets emotions...from the land of sun we selected for you the most delicate and genuine flavours...enter to discover them!

Our selection of food & snacks

Peaceful time in Ostuni...

Food, in Puglia like in the rest of the south of Italy, plays a central role in the culture and traditions. It brings the family together. Each dish has its story, a special meaning and it brings emotions.

What we try to achieve with our food selection is to bring a glance of the most famous flavours from Puglia.

Even if the South is well know for the "slow food" aptitude, what you will find here is "quick food", something that can replace a snack, can be added in a salad or put together for a fantastic aperitivo made in Italy!

Olive oil, taralli, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and much more...take a look and do not hesitate to get in touch with us to know more about these wonders!

Buon appetito!


(in extra virgin olive oil "Coratina")

Ideal for a quick snack, for an Italian aperitivo or an apero-dinner, here at Olivetus we propose you a nice selection of genuine tastes typical of the regional rural culture.

Sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, mushrooms, olives and much more immersed into some of the best extra virgin olive oil available. You can also eat them in a salad or make an excellent side dish for your meals…

The NET weight is always 290g. All conserve are sold in a solid glass jar.


"Carciofi Grigliati" - Grilled artichokes = 7,5€

"Pomodori secchi" - Sun-dried tomatoes = 6€

"Cipolle grigliate" - Grilled onions = 7,5€

"Peperoni ripieni" - Stuffed peppers with tuna = 7,5€

Pate' and creams

(in extra virgin olive oil "Coratina")

Delicate creams obtained by  the union of extra virgin olive oil and the most tender products (artichokes, tomatoes etc.).

Take some bread (or the spoon) or "taralli" and open a pate or cream from Olivetus…spread it over with generosity, sit and enjoy! You can complement it with a glass of good red wine to reach your taste nirvana.  

Serve it cold or warm for a different tasting experience, also with pasta or with your favourite dishes. 

The NET weight for all creams is 220g. All sold in a solid glass jar. 


"Pate di carciofi" - Artichokes pate = 5€

"Pate di olive nere" - Black olives pate = 5€

"Crema di pomodori" - Tomatoes cream = 5€

"Crema di cime di rape" - Broccoli type cream = 5€


(in brine) 


Olives in Puglia play a big role as a standalone product into any aperitivo. They are usually big with a lot of pulp around the hard pit. 

The biggest type of olive in Italy and famous in the world is the "Oliva di Cerignola" which is also called "Bella di Puglia". They are made under brine and served next to cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, charcuterie to re-create the real Italian apero experience.

Don't miss the opportunity to have some of those on your table next time!

"Olive verdi Bella di Cerignola" - Green olives Cerignola type (290g) = 5€

"Olive verdi Bella di Cerignola" - Green olives Cerignola type (500g) = 7€

"Olive verdi St. Agostino" - Green olives St. Agostino (960g) = 10€


A very typical food product from Puglia.

Known as "cookies" or "biscuits", a Tarallo is a bite-size bread cracker great for every occasion, for anyone...anywhere. 

They are made with the highest quality ingredients (flower, extra virgin olive-oil, salt, wine, water), by hand, to avoid altering the taste conferred by tradition. Enjoy them with drinks, to accompany meals or as snacks at home or at work. Trade carefully as they are addictive!

Enjoy them traditional or onion flavoured!


"Taralli tradizionali" - Classic taralli (500g) = 5€

"Taralli calzone" - Onion flavoured taralli (500g) = 5€


DSC_1974 (3).png

“Filippo Cea” is one of the finest almond type from Toritto, Puglia. Now in stock to delight your palate. Available in two versions, toasted or sweet, they will be a perfect friend to accompany your drinks or snacks.

Serving suggestions: try them with wine or whisky for a completely new experience.

Available in different sizes (100g, 500g and 1Kg) it will be impossible not to like them after you tried...


"Mandorle tostate/pralinate" - Toasted/sweet almonds (100g) = 5€

"Mandorle tostate/pralinate" - Toasted/sweet almonds (200g) = 9€

"Mandorle tostate/pralinate" - Toasted/sweet almonds (500g) = 20€