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When food meets emotions...from the land of sun we selected for you the most delicate and genuine flavours...enter to discover them!

Our selection of jams

If you love jam and you are looking for a genuine and special taste, you have to try these natural ones from Puglia. They are made with at least in 80% of fruit and without the use of preservatives. 

These delicious jams are simply perfect in the morning, spread on a slice of toasted bread or as an aperitivo to accompany your favorite cheese. Discover the flavours of these fantastic products, always made in Puglia.


The jams are available in 4 different flavours which will please your senses at every time of the day. 

Discover the Strawberry & Champagne, the Supreme Cherry, the Supreme Orange and the Redcurrant.

All flavours available in elegant glass jars of 350g

"Fragola e Champagne" - Strawberry & Champagne = 9€

"Ciliegia Suprema" - Supreme Cherry = 7€

"Arancia Suprema" - Supreme Orange = 7€

"Ribes rosso" - Redcurrant = 7€

We are currently OUT OF STOCK for this type of products