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The ode to olive oil

Once more, I would like to share with you an article that shows what's best in Italy through the eyes of a foreigner. This time, a sort of an ode to olive oil as I'd like to call it.

Dany Mitzman's piece from BBC News, published on 9 December 2012 and entitled: "A day in the life of an olive oil virgin" talks about his direct experience with olive oil making and even though he mentions the Veneto region in the North of Italy and not our beloved Puglia, I still thought it was worth mentioning here ... In the end, what counts most is the passion ...

Olive oil trees in Puglia

Olive oil trees in Puglia

Dany recalls his visit to an American friend who lives in Italy and who, together with her husband, makes their own olive oil.  He beautifully describes the picturesque views and paradise-like scenes when he harvested his first olives: 

"As soon as I touch my first olives, I feel a rush of excitement. They are simply beautiful - purple and green gems. It is like plucking jewels."
Olives. Source:  Wikipedia

Olives. Source: Wikipedia

Going a little bit through the process of olives' harvesting and the proper olive oil making, Dany remembers the words of his friend and her Italian husband on the importance of the quality while making your own olive oil. There is a whole procedure to observe in order to get a Protected Designation of Origin certificate, attesting that your olive oil was fully produced in Italy.

Dany, then shows us what the process during which the olive oil gets produced is really about. We follow all the steps, excited along with him, to finally see the tasty green liquid appear:

"As the bright, greeny-gold river starts to flow, I stick my nose into the basin, inhaling the grassy scent - amazed and thrilled that I helped to make this."

I suppose the best conclusion of this post is simply the first phrase of Dany's article:

"No olive oil you can buy will ever be as good as one you produce yourself."

I would add one more thing ... if you cannot make your own olive oil ... you can try the one Olivetus will soon have in its offer! It will transport you to the magical world of the sunny Italian hills with hundreds of olive oil trees all around you. We guarantee an unforgettable experience and a heavenly taste!

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