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Focaccia di Mamma Dora

Today we have had some amazing focaccia, a typical snack from Bari. The smell, spreading around the house inspired me to write this post and share with you the focaccia recipe as made by Mamma Dora … pugliese DOC!

Easy to make, focaccia is a great idea for an afternoon snack or an appetizer when inviting your friends over for dinner. It will add a genuine touch to your menu.

Ok, so let’s get started … first, a few things you will need to prepare a real focaccia:

- 350g of flour
- 25g of yeast
- 2 boiled potatoes (leave the potatoes in the water when ready)
- Cherry tomatoes
- 1 spoon of salt
- 1 tea-spoon of sugar
- Garlic, olive oil and oregano

Now, put a nice smile on your face, turn on your Italian side and …

1. Smash the two potatoes and add some of the water you boiled it in so that it becomes creamy. Leave it until tepid.

2. Melt the yeast in 100ml of warm water; add 1 spoon of salt and 1 tea-spoon of sugar.

3. Mix the creamy, smashed potatoes with the yeast mixture and flour in a nice big bowl. Add 2 spoons of olive oil and work the dough until it becomes elastic and smooth.

4. Grease the bottom of the backing pan with some olive oil, put some olive oil on your hands and spread the dough evenly.

Focaccia di Mamma Dora - work in progress

Focaccia di Mamma Dora - work in progress

5. Cut the cherry tomatoes in two and distribute them evenly on top of the dough, add a pinch of salt, some oregano and a little bit of olive oil. Cut 2 cloves of garlic into small pieces and arrange on top of the dough. It should look like the one on the picture on the right.

6. Wrap the backing pan with tin foil and leave it for an hour in a warm place.

7. After one hour, take the foil off, heat the oven to 200 degrees, put the pan inside and let it bake for about 30 minutes.

8. When ready, take the focaccia out, let it cool down and … enjoy the heavenly good taste!

Focaccia di Mamma Dora

Focaccia di Mamma Dora

Remember to use a genuine olive oil from Puglia for an original taste :-)

Buon appetito!