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Off to Puglia we go ... to select the best olive oil for you!

So, the time has come. Next week we're heading South, to Puglia in order to make the final selection of the best olive oil we'll soon be able to offer you at Olivetus!

The green liquid of gods will soon flow in Brussels! Yey! We're so excited ...

At this occasion, I thought it would be good to share with you a nice article about the ancient roots of olive oil in Puglia! It also gives a little hint on how to go and experience the region's wonders on your own.



The article, "On the Ancient Path of Olive Oil in Puglia" by Olive Oil Times mentions le Strade dell'olio - the Olive Oil Roads. 

Hundreds of kilometres of small roads that take you through the whole region, from one local olive oil producer to another.

Some of the ancient farms have been transformed into olive oil museums, where you can find out more about olives, the process of the olive oil production and its different types. 

"The Strade dell’olio stretches out from Brindisi, with 140 kilometers of roads, along which you will also find plenty of places to taste and purchase the local oils, as well as restaurants catering to the visitors searching for a taste of Puglia’s riches.  It’s a place to experience the ancient history of Italy and to see firsthand how the agrarian culture maintains a vital role in of one of the most prominent cuisines in the world."

Ulivo secolare Puglia

Ulivo secolare Puglia

Worth discovering! And there is much to discover as Puglia is Italy's greatest olive oil producer, covering about 40% of the total production.

There are about 60 million olive trees in the region (they say one for every Italian - as the population of the country is close to 60 million), out of which 6 million are considered to be monumental and almost half a million are a few centuries old.

So stay tuned and watch out for our olive oil ... coming soon :)