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Puglia - the ultimate wine destination

As our wines are getting ready to be shipped from Puglia to Brussels, I thought to give you an insight on grapes that are typical for the Puglia region and that make its wines so special ... 

Wine in Puglia - photo from www.thinkpuglia.com

Wine in Puglia - photo from www.thinkpuglia.com

While looking for a nice article to share with you, I came across this very nice website: ThinkPuglia.com and their article "Puglia, Italy's biggest producer of wine", which in simple words describes the most widespread and important grapes cultivated in Puglia. It also underlines one important fact: Italy is the biggest wine producer in the world and Puglia is the biggest wine producer in Italy!

"The most widely grown grape variety is Negroamaro (literally ‘black bitter’). Almost exclusively cultivated in Puglia, Negroamaro is used to produce some of the region’s best wines, including Salice Salentino. The epithet of most famous grape, however, goes to Primitivo, whose wines, including the Primitivo di Manduria, are generally high in alcohol content and full in body."

I would also add to the list (maybe even as my favourite), the Uva di Troia, also called Nero di Troia grape. It is one of the oldest grapes cultivated in Puglia and it brings out the deep and very intense taste that cannot be mistaken with anything else. Its elegance and complexity will win your heart!

Nero di Troia - photo from www.vinoe.com

Nero di Troia - photo from www.vinoe.com

The white wines account for a minor part of Puglia's great wine production but they are equally incredible and deserve to be appreciated. 

"White wines in Puglia count for less than 20% of the overall production but are gradually growing in importance. Local grapes such as Bombino BiancoBianco d’Alessano and Verdeca rub shoulders with international varieties including Chardonnay and Sauvignon to produce some excellent results.

We cannot forget about the Greco variety, an aromatic and extremely lovable grape, easy to drink and perfect for light meals. 

What can I say ... Cin Cin!