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Wine Travel Destination 2013: Puglia

Today, I would like to propose an article from a different website: Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

In her post from 8 Jan 2013, "Wine Travel Destination 2013: Puglia, Italy", Monica Larner beautifully described the pearls of Puglia: its magical surroundings, heavenly good food and, as she calls them, prominent wines.

So, in order to invite you to read the whole piece and get convinced, if you still have any doubts, that Puglia is the place to visit, here are some of our favourite parts of Monica's post:

"Flanked by two seas, magical Puglia is a thin peninsula packed tight with the same attributes that attracted us to Italy decades ago: It’s an undiscovered land with an enviable quality of life."
"To say that Puglia has Italy’s best food is no exaggeration. It offers fresh ingredients, whether pulled from the sea or picked from the nearest tree."
"Puglia excels at warm-climate wines made with indigenous grapes. Castel del Monte delivers red wines from Uva di Troia, Bombino Nero and Aglianico. (...) Further south, the Primitivo grape (Primitivo di Manduria) is famously linked genetically to Zinfandel. Local wines show ripe berry nuances, inky concentration and soft tannins. Salice Salentino is planted to Negroamaro (sometimes blended with Malvasia Nera) for hearty reds.(...)"
"This is a land of superstitions, and old-timers warn that poisonous tarantulas will bite humans (mostly young females), forcing them into a frenzied, trance-like dance called tarantella. This mystical affliction continues today with the contemporary pizzica dance and music festivals all summer long, where you can see the dance performed. Young women in flowing skirts swirl and stomp to rhythmic tambourine beats late into the night."

Read more and fall in love with Puglia and its wines: