Olivetus Taste of Puglia

Best flavours from the South of Italy...

When food meets emotions...from the land of sun we selected for you the most delicate and genuine flavours...enter to discover them!


Puglia is the land of miracles. Olives and grapes grow and mature under the heat of the southern sun to become rich in taste and aromatic in flavour. They delicately caress your palate and play with your senses to let you explore the most wonderful combinations of taste. This mundane ambrosia will transport you to the world of dreams.

Add a little bit of magic to your everyday life! Taste our genuine products from Puglia - the land of miracles.

Welcome to Puglia

Puglia or Apulia is the southern most eastern region of Italy, considered the "heel of Italy's boot". It is a charming region that can be visited all year round and is suspended among nature, history, tradition, food and spirituality. 

Its coastline, the Adriatic in the East, the Ionian South and West, is one of the most beautiful of the country with silvery olive orchards stretching all the way to the long sandy beaches touched by the one of the clearest and cleanest seas in the Mediterranean. It is an ancient land, and one which was invaded many times in its history. One of the results is that even the dialects spoken in Puglia are unique, as they are almost languages in themselves,  difficult to understand, even by people from nearby regions

Due to the dryness of the soil Puglia is a natural stage for production of olive oil, table grape, wine and   wheat. Since olive trees are nearly everywhere in Puglia,  it's no surprise that 50% percent  of Italian olive oil is produced right here. Puglia was always a prolific producer of wine and has often been referred to as the “wine cellar of Italy”.

What about food? 

The  typical pasta dishes of the region are maccheroni, cavatelli, spaghetti and the excellent “orecchiette”, a wonderful pasta shaped as a little ear. Puglia is also famous for its bread and focaccia, and for the “taralli” and “friselle”, flavored with the local herbs and spices.  The area called “murgia” is famous for its cheeses, like “burrata”, so creamy that it melts in your mouth, and “Caciocavallo Pugliese” or "Provolone". 

Last but not least, the amazing fish and seafood: from blue fish typical of the Adriatic, to the more delicate “orate” and “branzini” of the Ionian; from tasty oysters to mussels and squid and Octopus so small and tender…seasoned with a drop of extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by a slice of pane di Altamura...enjoy!

Castel del Monte - Andria

From the North to the South...let's discover the land

Promontorio del Gargano, where sea and mountains live together

Gargano is a historical and geographical sub-region situated in the north of Puglia. The biggest city of Gargano is Foggia.

Considered a big touristic attraction (around 4 mln visitors per year), most of the area is covered by the Gargano National Park.

Around, on the Adriatic sea, there are some of the world-wide-famous seaside resort locations like Vieste, Mattinata and Peschici. 

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Castel del monte...a wonder from the 13th century

Octagonal footprint [wikipedia]

The site is protected as considered a World Heritage Site. Built by Federico II di Svevia in the 13th century, it has always been considered a hunting fortress more than a defensive building itself.

The castle is an octagonal prism with an octagonal tower at each corner. It is a MUST view point if you are visiting the region. It is situated on a hill not far from the city of Andria...

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Castel del monte - top view (postcard)

A nice stroll in Trani

Very famous for its magnificent "Cattedrale" of Romanic style, Trani is nowadays a very young and dynamic city. 

Many restaurants, bars and pubs around the port are full of life, especially in spring and summer.

Don't miss a visit to the Cathedral, a nice stroll around the port and the Old Town, a coffee, ice-cream and a dinner out in one of the many restaurants of the splendid port! 

Trani by night - property of Andrea Rinaldi (http://www.studiofotograficorinaldi.com)

Beautiful view of the Cathedral

Salento...a dream land


"Lu Salentu" is the wonderful south part of Puglia. It is the last strip of land forming the heel of the boot. It's a place rich of history, traditions and beautiful landscapes.

Everything is possible here…you can lay on an amazing beach of Porto Cesareo, Otranto or Santa Maria di Leuca, you can enjoy the architectonical beauties of Lecce (the Florence of the south), you can get lost in the narrow white alleys of Ostuni, you can speak some Greek dialect in the Greek Towns of Salento (Grecia Salentina) or stop to have a nice sip of strong red wine in Manduria (the famous Primitivo di Manduria). If you like nightlife, Gallipoli is then the place for you!

The incredible atmosphere, the hospitality, the many wonders to discover, the warm sun and blue sky, the crystal sea and dreamlike costs make of Salento a magic place which you cannot miss and you will never forget....I promise!

Torre Sant'Andrea [wikipedia]

Don't miss the white town...Ostuni!

Getting lost in the alleys...

Getting lost...

Part of the Salento region, Ostuni deserves a special mention!

Sitting proud between Bari and Brindisi is widely known as the Citta Bianca (the White Town) because of its white buildings.

It's just a place to stop and enjoy…getting lost in the alleys, sipping an italian espresso in the old city and breathing the special atmosphere.   

A beautiful cathedral cannot be missed either. Was constructed in the second half of the fifteenth century in Gothic style, accessible from Via Cattedrale just off Piazza della Libertà and located at the highest point of the White City.

Do not forget to enter small shops where you can find beautiful handmade pieces which can make a great souvenir of Puglia.  

Life in Ostuni

I "Trulli" from Alberobello...

The "Trullo" is a traditional dry stone building with a conic roof, present only in the Murgia area of the region. 

Alberobello is famous for being home of to the highest concentration of Trulli in the region. 

During the 16th and 17th centuries the Trullo was home to the peasant families of Puglia.

Whole families would share two or three cones and a large fireplace was normally the focal point of the living quarters, used for cooking and heating. 

Horses and livestock would occupy an adjacent Trullo and, as the family grew, another one would be build adjacent to the existing structure.

Thick walls help to keep the Trullo cool during the hot summer and warm during the cool and damp winters

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Trulli from Alberobello